1. In Search of a Finnish Paradise / 2. Finnish DIY art

1. In Search of a Finnish Paradise / 2. Finnish DIY art
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2 articles from unknown sources and unknown dates (sorry, this is how they arrived). 1st is 6 pages long the other is 4.


1. "Finland's exceptional and vibrant contemporary folk art is at last getting the attention it deserves. Exhibitions have recently been staged, and a major international conference, hosted by the newly-opened ITE-Contemporary Folk Art Museum, was held last spring. Photographer Veli Grano's pioneering project 'Onnela' - A Trip to Paradise', created nearly two decades age, was the first exhibition and book to present contemporary Finnish folk art, and helped it to gain a wider acceptance." 2. "How the EU project 'Equal Rights to Creativity' shed light on the little-known creations of self-taught artists"

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Related Artist Veli Grano
Artist's Nationality Finnish
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