3 Body Configurations

3 Body Configurations
Library Shelf Location 06.BODY
Publication Date 2020

The protagonists of this publication are Claude Cahun (1894–1954), Valie Export (1940), and Ottonella Mocellin (1966), who together represent a female declaration of bodies, spaces, and times that “reveal” new identities, political urgencies, and renewed expressive choices. Despite being three creative and challenging personalities who are markedly distant from each other in creative background and geography, this juxtaposition of their self-portrait photographs, many in the public realm, reveals three different ways of emphasizing the close relationship between personal presence, the choice to use a specific technological device, and the progressive space-time tension.

ISBN 9788875708184
Quantity 1
Pages 160
Authors Maura Pozzati, Fabiola Naldi
Format Hardback
Publisher Corraini Edizioni, Italy
Category Art by Subject
Keywords Female Body, Self-portrait photographs
Languages Italian, English

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