A Brief History of Working With New Media Art: Conversations with Artists

A Brief History of Working With New Media Art: Conversations with Artists
Library Shelf Location 31.COOK
Publication Date 2010
Description This book of interviews tracks the work of artists in the field of new media art in order to consider the massive changes and developments over a relatively short period of time. They are also a celebration of the ten years that the online resource for curators of new media art, CRUMB, has been publishing interviews and other research. The artists featured in this book range across the contemporary arts. They have been working away, not in the centre or the periphery, but in the nodes of this networked field of new media art. A Brief History of Working with New Media Art - Conversations with Artists was edited by Sarah Cook, Beryl Graham, Verina Gfader and Axel Lapp. It contains interviews with and presentations by: Natalie Bookchin / Brendan Jackson; Jon Thomson & Alison Craighead, Wendy Kirkup, Nina Pope and Vuc Cosic; Michelle Kasprzak / Skawennati Tricia ; Simon Pope; Heath Bunting; Gregory Sholette / Nato Thompson; Marc Garrett / Ruth Catlow; Régine Debatty; Christiane Erharter; Nina Czegledy & Woon Tien Wien; Michael Mandiberg; Amanda McDonald Crowley & Patrick Lichty; Miki Fukuda; Simon Faithfull. A second book, A Brief History of Curating New Media Art - Conversations with Curators, was published at the same time.
ISBN 9783941644212
Quantity 1
Pages 231
Editors Axel Lapp, Verina Gfader, Sarah Cook, Beryl Graham
Format Paperback
Publishers The Green Box, Berlin, CRUMB
Category New Media/Digital Art
Language English

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