A Duck for Mr Darwin: Mark Dion: Public Talk

A Duck for Mr Darwin: Mark Dion: Public Talk
Archive Shelf Location 6A5(12); Disc 643
Sealed Shelf Location 6B2(1) 0102
Publication Date 10 Apr 2009
Description Mark Dion's practice and methods look at history and its presentation, he has created an installation for A Duck For Mr. Darwin exhibition which concerns some of the lesser known Victorian naturalists and tropical collectors. Since the 1980s Mark Dion has developed and constructed installations - re-creating laboratories, ways of ordering knowledge, the classification of systems and the museum display. Mark Dion talks to an audience at BALTIC about his artwork and practice, with a slide show presentation of images.
Quantity 1
Formats DVD, MPEG 4
Related Artist Mark Dion
Month April 2009
Keywords Natural History, Evolution
Related Event A Duck for Mr Darwin: Evolutionary Thinking & The Struggle To Exist (10 April - 20 September 2009)
Related Gallery BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art

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