A Hand Papermaker's Source Book

A Hand Papermaker's Source Book
Library Shelf Location 26.DAWS
Publication Date Jan 1995
Description Designed for those who want to make paper by hand, this book lists the sources of equipment and supplies, from fibres, pulps, stampers and beaters to felts, presses, additives and pigments. The listings show how to find the different producers and details what they supply. In addition, there is a description of the basic papermaking process followed by what is needed for each stage. The book also includes different types of papermaking kits from around the world, both Eastern and Western style, as well as vacuum systems and pulp sprayers.
ISBN 9781871831146
Quantity 1
Pages 100
Authors Sophie Dawson, Sylvie Turner
Format Paperback
Publisher Estamp
Category Contemporary Craft
Keyword Process
Language English

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