A History of 20th Century Art

A History of 20th Century Art
Library Shelf Location 03.BLIS
Publication Date 2001
Description An exhilarating, thematically organized account of all aspects of twentieth-century art, from architecture to video Here is a history of twentieth-century art which breaks away from the shackles of more traditional accounts. Rather than confining the century to a year-by-year narrative, the author Bernard Blistene - one of France's leading curators and art historians - has compiled an up-beat book, presenting the principal tendencies, movements and figureheads of twentieth-century art in a series of thematically organized chapters. The author presents the essential contributions of movements from the early part of the century, including Fauvism, Cubism, Dada, Expressionism, and Surrealism, but also looks at the return to Classicism after the First World War; the parallel development of American and European art from the 1950s onwards; and the evolution of architecture over the decades. Also vital to this new account are arts other than painting and sculpture - design, photography, cinema and video - which played such a pivotal role through the century.
ISBN 2080105647
Quantity 1
Pages 204
Author Bernard Blistene
Format Paperback
Publishers Beaux Arts magazine, Flammarion
Category Surveys of Modern & Contemporary Art
Language English

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