A History of Advertsing

A History of Advertsing
Library Shelf Location 39.PINC
Publication Date 2008
Description This title presents the evolution of the ad. The history of western advertising is a long one, starting as early as the 1630s, when frenchman Theophraste Renaudot placed the first advertising notes in La Gazette de France, or in 1786, when William Tayler began to offer his services as "Agent to the Country's Printers, Booksellers, etc.," but the first time that the term "advertising agency" was used dates back to 1842, when Volney B. Palmer created his agency in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Widely considered to represent the birth of the modern advertising, this date marks the beginning of a creative industry that has transformed many commercial works into cultural icons.Divided by into sections by decades, this book explores the most legendary campaigns and brands of advertising's modern history, with specific anecdotes and comments on the importance on every campaign. You will find the picture of the camel that originated the Camel package, the first Coca Cola ad, and even how artworks by masters such as Picasso and Magritte have been used in advertising.
ISBN 9783836502122
Quantity 1
Pages 336
Authors Stephane Pincas, Marc Loiseau
Format Hardback
Publisher Taschen
Category Advertising
Language English

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