A Short History of Performance - Part II

A Short History of Performance - Part II
Library Shelf Location 29.TARS
Publication Date 2003
Description A Short History of Performance: Part II takes the pedagogical framework of the lecture as its starting point, not as a means of interpreting art, but as a medium of art in itself. Unlike the majority of performance art works, on which the artist appears as a neutral character, the artists brought together here inhabit a variety of different roles: art world professional, philosopher, historian, explorer, broadcaster or corporate CEO, dressing, behaving and speaking in character to explore their chosen field of enquiry.
ISBN 0854881344
Quantity 1
Pages 48
Authors Iwona Blazwick, Andrea Tarsia
Formats Hardcover, Spiral bound
Publisher Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
Related Artists Andrea Fraser, Carey Young, Joseph Beuys, Martha Rosler, Robert Morris, Atlas Group (Walid Ra’ad), Inventory, Walid Raad, Mark Dion
Category Live Art/Performance
Related Curators/Producers Iwona Blazwick, Andrea Tarsia
Language English

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