A Stick of Green Candy: Illustrated by Colter Jacobsen

A Stick of Green Candy: Illustrated by Colter Jacobsen
Library Shelf Location ABC-FOUR
Publication Date 2009

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San Francisco based artist Colter Jacobson brings us book number five in our Familiars series with his recreation of four short stories:

Jane Bowles: A Stick Of Green Candy & Camp Cataract
Denton Welch: The Trout Stream & Narcissus Bay

Born in Shanghai, Denton Welch (1915–1948) was a British writer and painter, best known for his autobiographical novel Maiden Voyage. Jane Bowles (1917–1973) was an American writer, best known for her novel Two Serious Ladies.

The typeface used is Pegasus: the digital version used here was designed by Matthew Carter, along with the Italic and Bold. It was originally designed by Berthold Wolpe in 1937.

ISBN 9780956192806
Quantity 1
Pages 152 pages; 23 × 15 cm
Authors Jane Bowles, Denton Welch
Publisher Four Corners Books, London
Related Artist Colter Jacobsen
Categories BALTIC Artists' Book Collection (by appointment), Illustration, Artists' Books
Keywords Four Corners Familiars, Literature, Fiction, Storytelling

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