A Summer Place

A Summer Place
Library Shelf Location 17.SUMM
Publication Date 1990
Abstract There is a moment in Yogi Bear cartoons when he moves so fast that he fails to realise that he has been running along a cliff. With his feet rotating like propellors, he shoots forward, off into mid-air. The second he looks down and spots the ground below. he plummets like a sack of cement. Call it bad luck. Call it just deserts. The time that falling bodies take to the land could also be called 'relief'. But what is the name of the state before that, that brief but spectacular bout of high speed pedalling? For those of a moral tur of mind it is pride that cometh before a fall.
Quantity 1
Pages 24
Author Stuart Morgan
Format Paperback
Publisher Salama-Caro Gallery
Related Artists Simon Periton, Mike E. Sale, Paul Stone
Categories Animation/Cartoons/Comics/Graphic Novels, Design/Graphic Design
Related Gallery Salma-Caro Gallery
Related Curator/Producer Stuart Morgan
Language English

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