Adbusters - Jan/Feb 2004

Adbusters - Jan/Feb 2004
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Publication Date Jan 2004
Abstract JANUARY/FEBRUARY SYSTEMATICALLY DISTORTED INFORMATION 2004 no. 51 There’s a hole in your head. But don’t worry . . . Underneath the mega media mergers a grassroots movement has taken root. Some people call it “mental environmentalism,” or “media democracy,” but whatever you call it, the push to put democracy back into the media is about to surface. Two catalytic events – in Madison, Wisconsin, and Geneva, Switzerland – represent the initial salvos in this emerging battle. And Adbusters will be there, holding the Media Carta. We want access to our airwaves, and a new human right enshrined: the Right to Communicate. In This Issue: Relationships, God, and their universal language: commerce ; War: the new psychotropic ; Tragedy of the mental commons ; The genesis of the media democracy movement CanWest, and the death of journalism
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Format Magazine
Months January 2004, February 2004
Issue Adbusters - Jan/Feb 2004
Publication Adbusters

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