Adbusters - July/Aug 2003

Adbusters - July/Aug 2003
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Publication Date Jul 2003
Abstract At first it makes sense. Strengthen our defenses to ward off the enemy. But after spending $400 billion on weapons, intelligence and technology, you realize we've created a monster. Resistance is necessary. Now it's the empire versus a growing global opposition. No more cheers for the troops. It's time to question the 60-hour workweek, the media frenzies and the spoils of Hollywood. Big brands and criminal corporations are going down. A new culture - of free communication, ecological economics and radical democracy - is on the rise. Early Signs of Fascism ; The War Doves ; Sugar Giants Shove Their Sweetener ; AD CREEP: McDonald's in school, New York on sale : Yellow alert: guerrilla marketers, on assignment for a certain large corporation, are currently targeting college students across America. They may attempt to brand you, take your photo, and post your face on the web. And how do you remove your temporary tattoo? Here's a suggestion: try a little brainwash.
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Format Magazine
Months July 2003, August 2003
Issue Adbusters - July/Aug 2003
Publication Adbusters

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