Adbusters - Nov/Dec 2003

Adbusters - Nov/Dec 2003
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Publication Date Jan 2004
Abstract NOVEMBER/ DECEMBER 2003 YOU WIN. YOU LOSE. You win some you lose some- that's what they told me. Step right up to spin the wheel, see where your life ends up. Click, click, click. Congratulations, they said, you've won it all: freedom from struggle, from war, from reality. But I'm scared. The most protected generation in history - surveillance cameras, metal detectors, trillions in security spending - all watching my back; yet I tremble that one virus, one hurricane, one black-out, one dirty nuke could destroy this fragile system that I don't understand but depend on. I am marginalized, protected, powerless. I have lost. In This Issue: Don't you think it's time we talked? By Bruce Reilly, aka Bruha ; Under W everything is political. By Adrian Hardie
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Format Magazine
Months November 2003, December 2003
Issue Adbusters - Nov/Dec 2003
Publication Adbusters

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