Adbusters - Vol.15 No.6 - November/December 2007

Adbusters - Vol.15 No.6 - November/December 2007
Publication Date Nov 2007
Description The Quick & Dirty Issue TRUTH IN ADVERTISING – Marketing guru Bob Garfield defends his turf. IT’S TIME TO RETHINK THE US-ISRAEL ALLIANCE – Chris Hedges on the troubled marriage that’s poisoning the planet. THE ECONOMICS TEXTBOOK OF THE 21ST CENTURY – Why we are still making due with the last century’s economics, by Paul Ormerod. EARTH, INC. – Stephen Leahy argues that staying in the black now means going green. WHAT IS CANADA FOR? – A conversation with Michael Byers about Canada’s role on the global stage.
ISSN 08479097
Quantity 1
Format Magazine
Months November 2007, December 2007
Language English
Publication Adbusters

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