Adbusters - Volume 23 - Number 1 - January/February 2015 - #117

Adbusters - Volume 23 - Number 1 - January/February 2015 - #117
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Publication Date Jan 2015

Finally, Aesthetico: the much-awaited last issue of the Blueprint for a New World series … a call for an aesthetic awakening, a re-wilding of the capitalist imagination — an adjustment to the mood, the tone, the style and thrust of our lives that has to happen if we’re going to have any kind of a future on this planet.

Is our crisis a crisis of aesthetics?

Can we design ourselves out of a terrifying future?

Where is the human spirit heading?

Featuring: Lucian Freud, Jackson Pollock, Hunter S. Thompson, Sayyid Qutb, Guy Debord, Dag Hammarskjold, Nietzsche, Pascal and Malevich.


  • Neala Schleuning on art as action
  • Niels van Poecke on postmodern narcolepsy
  • Mark Cheetham’s Ecoaesthetics: Manifesto for the 21st century
  • Douglas Haddow on the holy capitalist grail
  • Keith Harrington on utopian economics
  • Hala Habib on the Arab sense of beauty

And we launch the Fuckitall Rewild the Capitalist Imagination Design Quest — an attempt to shift the aesthetic tone of the world.

Aesthetico: a 144-page phantasmagoria of leaves, dreams, intimations and aesthetic bliss.

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Format Magazine
Months January 2015, February 2015
Language English
Issue Adbusters - Volume 23 - Number 1 - January/February 2015 - #117
Publication Adbusters

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