Adbusters - Volume 23 - Number 2 - March/April 2015 - #118

Adbusters - Volume 23 - Number 2 - March/April 2015 - #118
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Publication Date Mar 2015

A Field Guide to Virtual Warfare will serve as your tactical manual for breaking free from the clutches of a capitalist algorithm that threatens the future of our human existence.

This 160 page heavy-hitter explores our possible futures in a world where technology has invaded every aspect of our mental and physical environments.

  • Douglas Haddow walks us through the landscape of virtual warfare.
  • Kester Brewin delves into the history of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Author and essayist Morris Berman examines social capital in American society.
  • Rob Plastow questions anthropocentrism.
  • Keith Harrington takes on the the American Economic Association.
Quantity 1
Format Magazine
Months March 2015, April 2015
Language English
Issue Adbusters - Volume 23 - Number 2 - March/April 2015 - #118
Publication Adbusters

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