Adbusters - Volume 23 - Number 4 - July/August 2015 - #120

Adbusters - Volume 23 - Number 4 - July/August 2015 - #120
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Publication Date Jul 2015

Manifesto for World Revolution, Part 3 is an Art Novella that explores what it means to look towards the future in a time where we can easily outline the geo-political implications of climate change. In it, we trace the history of the eras through the connection of art and war, transcending our concepts of progress and rediscovering the roots of anarchism.

May love and revolution rise from the ashes of this dying civilization.


  • Andy Merrifield on Marxism and citizenship
  • Gwynne Dyer discusses the reality of climate wars
  • Matthew Bartlett on New Zealand’s Occupy experience
  • Peter Pomerantsev on Euromaiden and the spirit of revolution
  • Simon Critchely on the western roots of the Islamic State
  • Kalle Lasn and Darren Fleet on World War 3
  • Tyson Kelsall, Sasha Lakic and Joshua Gabert-Doyon report from the frontlines of student activism

With this issue, we’re moving ever closer to a moment of global revolutionary fervor. This December, we’re planning a #billionpeoplemarch, our final stand against a world order which refuses to produce tangible action in the face of impending climate disaster.

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Format Magazine
Months August 2015, July 2015
Language English
Issue Adbusters - Volume 23 - Number 4 - July/August 2015 - #120
Publication Adbusters

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