Adbusters - Volume 23 - Number 5 - September/October 2015 - #121

Adbusters - Volume 23 - Number 5 - September/October 2015 - #121
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Publication Date 2015

In Adbusters 121, we ride face-first into the most pressing conflict of our age. The global order barrels full-steam towards its dream of economic progress at the expense of the very planet we live on. As we near the tipping point, we can see the growing desire for environmental issues to be acknowledged across the political spectrum. In this issue, we take on the great charade of the Economic Logic Freaks and their illusions of control. We say fuck you to World Leaders, to their money-obsessed central bankers and to media dominated by an Intellectually Bankrupt Elite, as we draw ever closer to the #BillionPeopleMarch on December 19.


  • Anthony Halley and the growing environmental concerns of the Right
  • Philip Cafaro on humanity as a cancer of the biosphere
  • Andrew Mills ponders The (can’t get)Lost Generation
  • Richard Smith on the horrific cost of China’s economic expansions
  • David Orwell envisions an economic revolution
  • Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh discussing Compassion Fatigue

Also in this issue: One community choosing nature over profit, acting as a guiding light at the end of a dark world; contributions from artists, writers, in addition to commentary from some of the foremost thinkers of our age.

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Issue Adbusters - Volume 23 - Number 5 - September/October 2015 - #121
Publication Adbusters

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