Adbusters - Volume 24 - Number 4 - July/August 2016 - #126

Adbusters - Volume 24 - Number 4 - July/August 2016 - #126
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Publication Date Jun 2016

AB126: The Year Of Living Dangerously Pt. 3

July/August 2016

Adbusters Issue #126 examines our moment in history, pondering whether or not our species has the stuff to survive the coming extinction crisis. In the face of rising global temperatures and creeping fascist movements, there is a sense that something is changing in the way the world has been ordered. A toneshift is a change in perception, a change in how we see and feel about the world. In the wake of this shift, will we be ready to take a stand and pull off a systemic-level change? Do we crash or smash?


- Leopold Kowolik on aesthetic toneshifts and virtual reality
- Agente Z9R on Brazil’s so-called racial democracy
- Morgan Duchesney on Cuba’s greatest sin
- Jonathan Bessette on revolution as the act of taking responsibility
- Joshua Burman Thayer on permaculture

Also in this issue: a visual exploration of the seven great toneshifts of our times.

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