Adbusters - Volume 25 - Number 6 - November/December 2017 - #134

Adbusters - Volume 25 - Number 6 - November/December 2017 - #134
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Publication Date Nov 2017

AB 134: I Am Very Happy


Adbusters #134 probes the emotional dimensions of being alive in 2017, a time when complacency among the masses is achieved through media hypnosis and state control. This issue explores the insidious ways everything from language to the Western mental health paradigm serves to bolster fascist tendencies either through subconscious promotion or through subconscious erosion of resistance. Adbusters #134 is a mournful sob, a dark guffaw, a rallying cry for a new world to come.



- Kalle Lasn on How To Zombie Walk Into a New Dark Age

Psychotherapy - A system of gimmicks, an exposé of how psychotherapy conceals systemic disorder by framing its symptoms as individual illness

- David Wallace-Wells on the ambience of untethered, cancerous economic growth

- The Weaponized Irony of the alt-right

- Louis Plottel on antifa and the rise of global fascism 

Quantity 1
Format Magazine
Months November 2017, December 2017
Language English
Publication Adbusters

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