Adbusters - Volume 28 - Number 2 - March/April - #148

Adbusters - Volume 28 - Number 2 - March/April - #148
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Publication Date Mar 2020


AB 148: Birth of the Mental Liberation Front


If you want to fix democracy, make secrecy taboo.

If you want to stop the media mindfuck, impose a psychic tax.

If you want to rein in the power of corporations, kill the corporate “I”.

If you want to fix the economy, pull off a paradigm shift in the science of economics.

If you want to halt global warming, make the price of products tell the ecological truth.

And if you want to stop our spiral into a long dark age, then admit that straight lines are godless and immoral.

There's only one way out of the existential fix we're in. In this issue, we unleash a force to crack the global mind.

Welcome to the Mental Liberation Front

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Format Magazine
Months March 2020, April 2020
Language English
Publication Adbusters

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