Aesthetica: The Art and Culture Magazine - Issue 77 - December/January 2017

Aesthetica: The Art and Culture Magazine - Issue 77 - December/January 2017
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Publication Date Dec 2016

Aesthetica Magazine Issue 74

December / January 2017

If there’s one thing that 2016 taught us, it is that there is no steadfast rule to anything: logic can easily go out the window and the world is in very delicate place both socially and politically. The migrant crisis, Brexit and Trump signify a change in tides, but I am an optimist / realist. These things do not define who we are; we need to work hard to make life as great as it can be. On a macro level the future seems to present us with a number of challenges, but I believe that trials are sent to test our endurance and resilience. I keep telling everyone I know that it will be okay – and I mean that. This year has been wonderful for me, I had a little girl in May, and maybe it’s through these rose-tinted glasses that I can see a positive future ahead, once we get through current circumstances. The New Year brings change and uncertainty, but it’s in trying times that serendipity occurs and this is a thought worth holding on to.

Inside this issue find out about Chilean artist Iván Navarro’s latest show; which opens in New York. Known for his distinctive socio-political light installations that deconstruct power structures, it’s certainly a relevant time for a survey of his work. The mammoth Lisbon Architecture Triennale focuses on form and function with a look at how urbanisation has contributed to the society’s development through a series of exhibitions and symposiums. Avant-garde design duo Viktor&Rolf echo these thoughts, using fabric as a means of exploration of the crossover between fashion and art.

In photography, seven diverse practitioners offer works that explore urban landscapes, fine art and portraiture. Lauren Marsolier, Romina Ressia, Patrick Joust, Giorgio Stefanoni and Cristina Coral all negotiate the power of the image and its cultural implications. And indeed Gregory Crewdson’s show, opening in 2017 at Photographers’ Gallery, London, is one of our highlights of the year. Cover photographers Andrey-Lili play with colour and design forging that link between fine art and fashion. Finally, the Last Words go to Julio Le Parc, as he discusses the intersection between light, space and art.

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Months December 2016, January 2017
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