Aesthetica: The Art and Culture Magazine - Issue 82 - April/May 2018

Aesthetica: The Art and Culture Magazine - Issue 82 - April/May 2018
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Publication Date Apr 2018

Aesthetica Magazine Issue 82

April / May 2018

When you’re part of something, it’s difficult to see beyond its parameters. How much time needs to pass to be able to understand the present? When will we know the true impact of Donald Trump, the War on Terror, Brexit, and environmental damage? As an individual, what can I do to make a difference? How and when will things change? Who will be the instigators? These are thoughts that I often ponder.

Every generation looks to the next, expecting that it will be the group who finally crack the code. I am hopeful – seeing fields filled with solar panels – that maybe life is moving on. When I was eight, I won a competition for an essay about what the world would be like in the year 2000. I wrote about speaking to people on the phone and being able to see them. I wasn’t predicting the future – I was just responding to thoughts that were circling around at that time. But it’s still strange that this is now a reality.

This issue of Aesthetica captures the zeitgeist of our times. We look at how the world is developing and how art, design and photography are commenting on that. It’s a necessity – artists and makers are the chroniclers of our times. We survey the RIBA award winners from previous years, assessing how architecture provides building blocks for social interaction. This is followed by Norwegian designers at Salone del Mobile, who examine the notion of community as a model for the future of production. Meanwhile, crafting plastics! offers an ingenious idea: creating biodegradable glasses. We also take a look at the Aesthetica Art Prize 2018 shortlist, which reflects on financial, environmental and societal structures.

In photography, we offer some of the most exciting practitioners working today. Adrienne Raquel was originally part of our #newartists scheme; her subtle self-portraits, styling and fantastic set design bear the mark of great things to come. We also present series from Patty Maher, Tekla Evelina Severin, Salvador Cueva, Alexis Pichot and Edgar Martins, all of whom invite you to explore new ways of seeing the world. Finally, Namsa Leuba gives us the Last Words. She is part of Foam’s Talent Awards 2018. Enjoy!

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Format Magazine
Months April 2018, May 2018
Language English
Publication Aesthetica Magazine

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