Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action
Publication Date Feb 2005
Abstract The Yes Men, whose efforts are chronicled in a recent documentary of the same name, is only the most recent effort of Bichlbaum and Bonanno, who have previously, under various guises, performed a variety of rather notorious media pranks. I first met Bonanno years ago, when he was living under a different name, appropriately enough, in Piru, California, a small town kept alive by its commercial use as a historically hyperreal Hollywood film set (complete with authentic-looking signage and the like). By that time, he was already renowned for his exploits with the Barbie Liberation Organization, which switched voice boxes on G.I. Joe and Barbie toys, causing a rash of gender panic in Toys"R"Us stores throughout the nation. Bichlbaum, meanwhile, had hacked a videogame he was working on, SimCopter, to include swimsuit-clad male characters who kissed each other.
Quantity 1
Pages 55-56
Author Tom Vanderbilt
Format Article
Related Artist Yes Men
Month February 2005
Issue Artforum International - Issue XLIII No 06 - February 2005
Publication Artforum

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