Afterall - 25 - 2010

Afterall - 25 - 2010
Library Shelf Location AP
Publication Date 2010
Description Zoe Leonard * The Archivist of Urban Waste: Zoe Leonard, Photographer as Rag-Picker * Goats, Lamb, Veal, Breast: Strategies of Organisation in Zoe Leonard’s Analogue Želimir Žilnik * Shoot It Black! An Introduction to Želimir Žilnik * Concrete Analysis of Concrete Situations: Marxist Education According to Želimir Žilnik Rabih Mroué * The Body on Stage and Screen * Conciliations: Witness and Spectator * The Fabrication of Truth Judith Hopf * Vita passiva, or Shards Bring Love: On the Work of Judith Hopf * On Entering the Room
ISBN 9781846380624
Quantity 1
Format Magazine
Related Artists Zoe Leonard, Rabih Mroue, Zelimir Zilnik, Judith Hopf
Publication Afterall

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