Afterall - 36 - 2014

Afterall - 36 - 2014
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Publication Date 2014

Contextual Essays

  • Brothers in Arms: Laboratoire AGIT’art and Tenq in Dakar in the 1990s
  • The Artist as Double Agent


Enquiry on the/our outside

  • Inhuman Polyphony in the Theatre of Madness
  • Images that Haunt Us

K.P. Krishnakumar

  • Midnight Dreams: The Tragedy of a Lone Revolutionary
  • Mutable Bodies: K.P. Krishnakumar and the Radical Association

Nilbar Güres

  • Visiting the Viewpoints of Others: On the Camouflaged Portraits of Nilbar Güres
  • Cloth People from Outer Space: Nilbar Güres's Dialectics of Identity


  • Panamarenko: A Plea to Broaden Ar
  • Panamarenko: Love and Rockets

 Events, Works, Exhibitions

  • Gendered Transformations: Carla Zaccagnini's 'Elements of Beauty'
  • Not Quite Shame: Embarrassment and Andrea Büttner's 'Engel der Geschichte'
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Related Artists Panamarenko, Nilbar Güres, K P Krishnakumar
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