Alexander Nickl: Mentagramm

Alexander Nickl: Mentagramm
Library Shelf Location 18.NICK
Publication Date 2015

Alexander Nickl is a light artist and neoprojectionist. Over a period of nine years he has worked on "mentagrams" – an exceptional artistic project that is documented extensively in the Viennese MENTAGRAM MANIFESTO. The works of "Mr K", Nickl's artistic alter ego, are mental processes in the form of images and signs that appear spontaneously and intuitively. We encounter self-organisation, play, language, media, humanity and the environment. At the same time, Nickl examines and documents his artistic process with scientific meticulousness, blurring the lines between science and art.

ISBN 9783735601094
Quantity 1
Pages 888
Format Hardcover
Publisher KERBER
Category Artists' Monographs A-Z
Keywords Light, Light Art, neoprojections, mentagrams
Related City/Region Vienna
Languages German, English

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