an Magazine (12/02) February 2012

an Magazine (12/02) February 2012
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Publication Date Feb 2012
Description This month in arts funding news Dany Louise reports on how ACE funding cuts are impacting on small-scale production and artist-centred organisations; and we re-publish Variant's intelligent commentary on Creative Scotland's vision; in Reviews Maria Fusco selects texts by Liz Buckley, Anneka French, Gabrielle Hoad, Rachel Murray and Travis Riley; Collaborative relationships uncovers Motion Disabled, a digital exploration of the bodies of people who are physically different; Big picture is by Lilah Fowler; and in Debate Cara Courage examines the gender imbalance in the arts workforce and asks if it's really down to women wanting to 'have it all'?
ISSN 0261342034
Quantity 1
Format Magazine
Month February 2012
Language English
Publication a-n Magazine

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