AN10: Neo-Ornamentalism from Japanese Contemporary Art

AN10: Neo-Ornamentalism from Japanese Contemporary Art
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Publication Date 2010
Description Ornamentation is not only an important element of art creation like form and color; in many cases it gives expression or representation to a spiritual realm transcending material existence. The geometric patterns of Jomon pottery or decorated tombs and the ornamentation of Baroque and Rococo architecture are not simply expressions of what people held to be beautiful in different ages; they embody a particular world view that questions the nature of time, space, and even individual human existence. In acts of personal adornment such as tattooing, gothic fashion, and “deco-den” personalized mobile phones, we can similarly find expression of what might be called the spiritual character of our times. Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo has each year since 1999 selected a theme reflecting contemporary society and held a “MOT Annual” group exhibition introducing young artists. This year’s 10th MOT Annual will take “ornamentation” as its theme. Through boldly dynamic or subtly sensitive means, ten of today’s finest young artists exploring the emotional appeal of ornamentation will imbue 1200 square meters of space with creative energy.
Quantity 1
Pages 120
Author Mayumi Tsuruoka
Formats Paperback, Softcover
Publisher Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Categories Art from a specific country, Annual/Biennial/Triennial...survey shows/events and competitions
Related Country/Global Region Japan
Artist's Nationality Japanese
Language English

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