Anders Krisar

Anders Krisar
Library Shelf Location 18.KRIS
Publication Date 2011
Description Sandhini Poddar writes in the book: "It is fundamental to follow an intuitive artist's creative path. Anders breaks down deviated from the outset, from the art world's mainstream and the coordinates of his career is rather to be found in the diverse and diverging worlds graffiti, music composition, advertising and tournament chess is. breaks down is essentially self-taught and decided to become a painter until the late twenties. Though he almost immediately won recognition among galleries in Europe and the U.S. remain his position in the closed world of art an outsider. Krisárs artistic production - mainly terms of sculpture and photography - can be perceived as hermetic or even morbid, through his use of casts, molds and deformation. Yet the artist's poetic, talented and deeply intuitive expression in a short time resulted in a body of work that reveals the human physical, experiential and societal desires and limitations, which makes it all throughout the human."
ISBN 9789186593247
Quantity 1
Pages 186
Authors Sandhini Poddar, Katie Kitamura
Format Hardback
Publisher Orosdi-Back, Stockholm
Related Artist Anders Krisar
Category Sculpture
Language English

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