Andrew Burkholder: ITDN

Andrew Burkholder: ITDN
Library Shelf Location 18.BURK
Publication Date 2016

Andrew Burkholder is a cartoonist and and visual artist. His comics are abstract yet playful, oftentimes dealing with very adult themes twisted through an extremely dry sense of humor. His 2013 comic Pretty Smart was included in the Jonathan Lethem edited Best American Comics 2015 .

 ITDN collects a series of comics released from 2011–2014 by "ITDN Group," a seemingly plural entity solely comprised of Andy Burkholder. A follow-up to Qviet, this collection documents the artist's earlier years, providing insights into his explorations of the themes and concepts that underpin many of his more broadly received works.

ISBN 9781937541224
Quantity 1
Pages 192 pp, 5.5 × 7", b&w offset
Author Andy Burkholder
Format Paperback
Publisher 2dcloud
Related Artist Andy Burkholder
Category Artists' Monographs A-Z
Keywords Avant-garde, Cartoonist, Collection, Comics, Insights, Abstract, Playful, Adult, Dry, Humour
Language English

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