Animalcules Colouring Book

Animalcules Colouring Book
Library Shelf Location 36.CANE
Publication Date 2021

Antonie van Leeuwenhoek (1632–1723) first observed microorganisms and defined them as “animalcules”, a portmanteau of “animal” and “molecules”. Based on this term, this book conceived and designed by Nina Canell and Robin Watkins considers a world where the smallest is suddenly in control of the largest. Its illustrations function as an exploration into morphological occurrences, rejecting the goal-oriented, the figurative, and the categorical. It opens a creative bypass by following the traditional format of a colouring book. To draw is to embrace mutational forms, and to colour in these pages is to understand that many possible forms may emerge. We are what we draw.

ISBN 9783947858217
Quantity 1
Pages 124
Editors Nina Canell, Robin Watkins
Format Hardback
Publisher K. Verlag
Category Natural History
Keywords Micro-organisms, Colouring Book
Language English

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