Anish Kapoor: Taratantara (02)

Anish Kapoor: Taratantara (02)
Archive Shelf Location 9/008:13
Publication Date
Description Anish Kapoor climbing out of Taratantara on the day of installation
Credit Ravi Deepres
Copyright Anish Kapoor
Formats 35mm Slide, Transparency, JPEG
Related Artist Anish Kapoor
Categories Installation, Sculpture
Related City/Region Gateshead
Related Countries/Global Region Britain/UK, England
Related Events Anish Kapoor: Taratantara (7 July - 1 September 1999), B4B
Related Gallery BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art
Related Curator/Producer Sune Nordgren
Artist's Nationality English, Indian
Issue Anish Kapoor: Taratantara slides

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