Another Minimalism: Art After California Light and Space

Another Minimalism: Art After California Light and Space
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Publication Date 2015

Made under the hot sun and blue skies of California, ‘Light and Space’ art serves as an early model for some of the most radical and ground-breaking art forms of the last century: immateriality and the site-specific installation, as well as situationist and participatory art. The movement’s fascination with colour, and its manipulation in space, serves as a very different kind of minimalism, a movement often thought of as simply the embodiment of austere, mathematical abstractions.

Another Minimalism is the first book to recognize and examine the influence of this regional subset of minimalism on leading artists of the current generation, including Carol Bove, Tacita Dean, Olafur Eliasson and Spencer Finch. The book seeks to reorient and refine received ideas about minimalism’s impact on subsequent generations, wherein the dominant New York and European paradigm has overshadowed that of the more experiential West Coast strain, developed by artists such as Robert Irwin, James Turrell and Maria Nordman around the same time.

As curator and writer Melissa Feldman notes, the now prevalent use of glass, mirror, natural and electrical light, fog and other optical materials in geometric sculpture and room-sized installations (or congruous effects in photography, video and film) build on the phenomenological terrain first explored by California Light and Space artists of the 1970s.

This fascinating and original study will appeal to all those interested in contemporary art, and especially to those interested new ways of conceptualizing its history.

ISBN 9781908612342
Quantity 1
Pages 148
Author Melissa E Feldman
Format Paperback
Publisher Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh
Category Art Styles and Movements
Keywords Minimalism, Light Art, Light, Space (area)
Language English

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