17 MAY 2003 - 25 SEPTEMBER 2003
Domain Field, a new commission created and displayed in the Level 4 gallery, involved the participation of volunteers from Newcastle and Gateshead. Visitors to BALTIC could view the making of this piece from the Level 5 viewing terrace from February 2003, where volunteers aged from two to 85 years were moulded in plaster by teams of specially trained staff. These moulds were then used to construct the individual ‘Domain’ sculptures by a process of welding steel elements together inside each mould.

The finished work is a sparkling myriad of stainless steel trajectories, giving the impression of a vast energy field made up of clusters, each defining the particular presence of a living inhabitant of Gateshead and Newcastle.

Similar to Domain Field is Allotment (1997), shown in the Level 3 gallery. For this piece Gormley worked with the residents of Malmö in Sweden to create a series of personalised concrete ‘rooms’, each created using the precise measurements from 15 specified points on an individual’s body.

Finally, Body, Fruit, Earth (1993) is exhibited in the Level 2 gallery and in the entrance to the Riverside Building. These ‘expansion pieces’ are large-scale cast iron sculptures which resemble pieces of ripe fruit, each holding an imprint of the artist’s body inside them.

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