Appropriation (Documents of Contemporary Arts)

Appropriation (Documents of Contemporary Arts)
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Publication Date 2009
Description Scavenging, replicating, or remixing, many influential artists today reinvent a legacy of "stealing" images and forms from other makers. Among the diverse, often contestatory strategies included under the heading "appropriation" are the readymade, détournement, pastiche, rephotography, recombination, simulation and parody. Although appropropriation is often associated with the 1980s practice of such artists as Peter Halley, Sherrie Levine, Richard Prince, and Cindy Sherman, as well as the critical discourse of postmodernism and the simulacral theory of Jean Baudrillard, appropriation’s significance for art is not limited by that cultural and political moment. In an expanded art-historical frame, this book recontextualizes avant-garde photomontage, the Duchampian readymade, and the Pop image among such alternative precursors as Francis Picabia, Bertolt Brecht, Guy Debord, Akasegawa Genpei, Dan Graham, Cildo Meireles, and Martha Rosler. In the recent work of many artists, including Mike Kelley, Glenn Ligon, Pierre Huyghe, and Aleksandra Mir, among others, appropriation is central to their critique of the contemporary world and vision for alternative futures.
ISBN 9780854881611
Quantity 1
Pages 238 p. ; 21 cm.
Editor David Evans
Format Paperback
Publishers MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass., Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
Related Artists Barbara Kruger, Cindy Sherman, Douglas Gordon, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Martha Rosler, Mike Kelley, Peter Halley, Pierre Huyghe, Richard Prince, Ross Bleckner, Sherrie Levine, Steve McQueen, Johan Grimonprez, Victor Burgin, Glenn Ligon, Philip Taaffe, Marcel Broodthaers, Jorma Puranen, John Stezaker, Keith Piper, Akasegawa Genpei, Santiago Alvarez, Art Workers Coalition, Hank Herron, Idris Khan, Alexandra Mir, Retort, Maurizio Cattelan
Category Theory
Keyword Appropriation
Language English

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