Architectural Review - 1469 - March 2020

Architectural Review - 1469 - March 2020
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Publication Date Mar 2020

Yasmeen Lari | Beatriz Colomina | Hawkins\Brown | Collective Architecture | Mole Architects | Roger Stirk Harbour + Partners | Atelier Masōmī | Francesca Torzo Architetto | BDR Bureau | Gatti Routh Rhodes | Svetlana Kana Radević | Joel Sanders | Typology: Gymnasium



When we speak of masculinity, we inescapably speak also of femininity – and everything in between and outside the two. Looking beyond binary gender divisions, reductive models, harmful norms and singular ideals, this issue features the renamed W Awards and examines the ways that masculinities are generated and performed within architecture and the city.

In this month’s issue, we peer inside the testosterone-spiked gymnasium, the delivery room of the man midwife, the male domain of the cockpit and around collosal male monuments. We challenge the maleness of genius and heteronormative scale from the Vitruvian man to the Modulor, alongside many other stories and the W Awards: the Jane Drew Prize awarded to Yasmeen Lari, the Ada Louise Huxtable Prize to Beatriz Colomina, the Moira Gemmill Prize for architects under the age of 45, and the MJ Long Prize for UK-based architects working in practice. 

AR March 2020


Outrage: seminal words, Lili Zarzycki
The gender of genius, Hilde Heynen
Proportional representation, Edwin Heathcote
Monuments to men, Darran Anderson
Male delivery, Emma Cheatle
Reputations: Svetlana Kana Radević, Anna Kats
Flights of fancy, Cassandre Greenberg 
Typology: Gymnasium, Tom Wilkinson
Interview with Joel Sanders, Lili Zarzycki
Binary code, Pol Esteve 
Camera man, Edwin Coomasaru 

W Awards

Jane Drew Prize: Yasmeen Lari, Helen Thomas
Ada Louise Huxtable Prize: Beatriz Colomina, Tom Wilkinson
MJ Long Prize: Nicola Rutt, Here East, Hawkins\Brown, Jay Merrick
MJ Long Prize: Emma Fairhurst, Calton Hill, Collective Architecture, Mark Cousins
MJ Long Prize: Tracy Meller, Centre House LSE, RHSP, Catherine Slessor
MJ Long Prize: Alice Hamlin, Marmalade Lane, Mole Architects, Douglas Murphy
Moira Gemmill Prize: Mariam Kamara, Atelier Masōmī, Mpho Matsipa
Moira Gemmill Prize: Francesca Torzo, Francesca Torzo Architetto, Eleanor Beaumont
Moira Gemmill Prize: Simona Della Rocca, BDR Bureau, Davide Tommaso Ferrando
Moira Gemmill Prize: Stefanie Rhodes, Gatti Routh Rhodes, Jon Astbury

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Format Magazine
Month March 2020
Category Architecture (category)
Language English
Publication The Architectural Review

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