Archives & Crimes

Archives & Crimes
Library Shelf Location 13c.MERS
Publication Date 2022

To enter a collective archive is to carry an anonymous corpse on your shoulders. You are not investigating how this corpse met its death so much as feeling impelled, somehow, to fill in the gaps that render it anonymous. Whether or not you are hoping to tell the story and share it with others, you might be able to give this corpse a name and lend a meaning to its life. The corpse is the researcher’s question. Urgent, mysterious, distorted or even inconsistent, it is a question that issues from the present—the here and now—but which lacks the language required to speak it.

ISBN 9783948212933
Quantity 1
Pages 76pp, 12 x 16 cm
Author Iman Mersel
Format Paperback
Publishers Kayfa ta, Archive Books
Category Library and Archive Science
Keywords Libraries, Archives, Research-led, Research, Crime, Iraq

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