Area: 100 Graphic Designers: 010 Curators: 010 Design Classics

Area: 100 Graphic Designers: 010 Curators: 010 Design Classics
Library Shelf Location 38.PHAI
Publication Date Oct 2003
Description Long neglected, graphic design has been creeping into the consciousness of the general public. In our increasingly visual culture, it is an omnipresent form of creativity, something we are all influenced by whether we like it or not. Every logo, poster and CD cover confronts us with graphic design in some shape or form. It is the basis of all visual communication and arguably the most pervasive creative discipline of our times. Essentially an exhibition in a book, this title presents the 100 graphic designers arranged in an A-to-Z order. Each of the designers is featured over two double-page spreads, which are extensively illustrated with examples of their work. Alongside these examples, a 400-word text by the selecting curator explains his/her choice and illuminates the depicted work. The reproductions are further complemented with extended captions and biographical information on the designer. The book is characterized by the enormous diversity of the 100 graphic designers. Showcasing talents from Minneapolis to Macao, this text opens the door to the work of emerging designers practising in more than 25 countries around the world. It reflects a unique multitude of styles, ideas, and influences: an endless range of creativity from the playful, digital graphics of Eboy in Berlin, to the regional aesthetics of Chaz Mavyanne Davies of Zimbabwe or Ahn Sang-Soo of Korea; from the political awareness of Iran's Reza Abedini, to the more sober and traditional designs of the Italy's Leonardo Sonnoli. Beyond this extensive survey of contemporary graphic design, ten curators were also asked to choose what they consider a design "classic" - a piece of printed design from any era that is of particular significance to them. These "classic" pieces are showcased in the shorter, second part of the book, each accompanied by a brief text explaining how the piece fits into the selecting curator's general view and philosophy of graphic design.
ISBN 9780714843254
Quantity 1
Pages 448
Editor Phaidon Press Ltd
Format Hardback
Publisher Phaidon Press Ltd, London
Category Design/Graphic Design
Language English

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