ARS Electronica 2001: Takeover: Who's doing the art of tomorrow?

ARS Electronica 2001: Takeover: Who's doing the art of tomorrow?
Library Shelf Location 31.FISH
Publication Date Aug 2001
Description Since its founding in 1979, the Ars Electronica Festival of Art, Technology and Society has established itself as a leading international forum for confronting the socio cultural dimension of the digital revolution and has become an annual meeting place of the world's leading computer artists, philosophers and scientists. For a number of years, Ars Electronica has been concentrating on the new artistic horizons opened up by the Information Society. Real ways of life and living situations in a globalized world fed by the continual flow of information are at the center of attention. Commentary on these developments is not only from a technical point of view, but above all from a sociopolitical one. In 1999, Ars Electronica began to fix its thematic focus on the life sciences, and to look into the social and political issues which are accompanying the biological revolution. Ars Electronica, as a festival for art, technology and society, is programmatically committed to exploring the ways in which artists deal with technology-induced social and cultural change, and, as a festival of contemporary art, has been striving since its very inception to make this visible as a form of political work as well.
ISBN 3211836292
Quantity 1
Pages 415
Authors Ingrid Fisher-Schreiber, Heimo Ranzenbacher, Jutta Schmiederer
Format Paperback
Publisher Springer-Verlag, Vienna
Category New Media/Digital Art
Keyword Social sciences
Related Event Festival for Art, Technology and Society
Related Gallery Ars Electronic Centre
Languages German, English

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