Art, Survival and So Forth: The Poetry of Charles Bukowski

Art, Survival and So Forth: The Poetry of Charles Bukowski
Library Shelf Location 35.SMIT
Publication Date Feb 2003
Description Based on extensive research, this authoritative study places Bukowski's poetry in its American cultural context, and explores the key poems and collections in his development. It traces magazines, literary contacts and influences from the mid-1940s to "The Last Night of the Earth Poems" (1992). Want to know about Bukowski and old Hollywood movies, the Beats, Hemingway and Walt Whitman? About how and why Bukowski formed his unique reading style and public image? And about where he fits into West Coast and post war American verse? Although the book takes into account the best of the American and European commentary that currently exists, it also offers an original and intriguingly British point of view, giving special attention to Bukowski's readings during the 1970s and his influence upon the current generation of West Coast Poets.
ISBN 1903110033
Quantity 1
Pages 246
Authors Jules Smith, David Hernandez
Format Paperback
Publisher Wrecking Ball Press
Language English

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