Art and Polemic in Pakistan: Cultural Politics and Tradition in Contemporary Miniature Painting

Art and Polemic in Pakistan: Cultural Politics and Tradition in Contemporary Miniature Painting
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Publication Date 2010
Description Introduction Miniature manoeuvres. Performative knowledge ; Global flows and the agency of artworks ; Performative reading -- Social, political and historical formations relating to miniature practice. Tradition and identity ; Gender and patriarchy ; Militancy and fundamentalism ; Economics and globalisation ; Everyday life ; Mohammed Imran Qureshi ; Aisha Khalid -- Miniature practice. The miniature department ; Teachers and training ; Zahoor-ul-Akhlaq ; The present ustad : Bashir Ahmed ; Training ; Image and text ; Drawing exercises ; Wasli preparation ; Copying ; Pigments ; Brush work ; Time and theory ; Group X ; Group O ; Nusra Latif Qureshi ; Saira Wasim -- Imagining or inventing the tradition of miniature painting?. Patronage and patriarchal attitudes ; Tradition, orientalism and nationalism ; Discursive links ; The traditional art course ; The language debate ; Reflections ; Khadim Ali ; Hamra Abbas -- Miniature practice and aesthetics : social and visual, local and global. Four points of view ; Western art history and its shifts ; The post-colonial context ; Hybrid pedagogies, social aesthetics and constructed communities ; Indigenous aesthetics ; The Karkhana Project ; Phenomenology and corporeal aesthetics ; Sensorial or detached viewing ; Sacred and secular, popular and elitist ; Popular culture and the practice ; Audience and attitudes towards aesthetics ; Reflections ; Ahsan Jamal ; Ayesha Durrani -- Workshop and studio production. The Lahore workshop/school ; Workshops in India ; Trading miniatures ; Contrasts between workshop and studio production ; Hasnat Mehmood -- The global "art-world". Discursive formations ; Diffusion ; Craftmanship as a valorised attribute ; Ethnicity as a market value ; Gender and globalisation ; Global reception ; Local reception ; Market and art-world pressures ; Private, state and corporate patronage ; Reflections -- Conclusions. Tradition and identity ; Class and gender ; Political outlook ; Aesthetic issues ; Market and globalisation ; Performative subversion?. Summary Contemporary artists in Pakistan have, in recent decades, revived and reinvented miniature painting: a traditional artform which had faded under the colonial influence of the British, and is now gaining ground as a medium for a new generation of artists to challenge the world around them. At once traditional and postmodern, the miniature paintings reveal a satirical treatment of serious issues: from religious and political fundamentalism to 'McDonalization', from violence against women to nuclear warfare, from the pressures of Purdah to the machismo of Lollywood film posters. This is the first in-depth look at this contemporary art movement which provides a fascinating insight into the links between art and politics, and between indigenous and global aesthetics. Forty miniature paintings are reproduced here in full colour. Biography Virginia Whiles is Associate Lecturer at Chelsea College of Art, University of the Arts, London. She gained her PhD in Social Anthropology at the School of Oriental and Asian Studies, University of London.
ISBN 9781848853652
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Pages 294 p.,[32] p.of plates: ill.(chiefly col.) 23 cm.
Author Virginia Whiles
Publisher Tauris Academic Studies, London, New York
Category Art from a specific country
Keywords Identity, Politics
Related Countries/Global Region Pakistan, South Asia
Language English

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