Art Asia Pacific: Contemporary Visual Culture: Issue 67 - March/April 2010

Art Asia Pacific: Contemporary Visual Culture: Issue 67 - March/April 2010
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Publication Date Mar 2010
Description ArtAsiaPacific No. 67 March/April 2010 12 Editor's Letter 19 Wish You Were Here: Alex Baker 21 Questionnaire: Hiroshi Sunairi 23 My Eight: Heman Chong NEWS 33 KARACHI Asim Butt (1978–2010) 34 CLEVELAND Unique Curatorial Post Reinstated 35 TEHRAN Mousavi Fired From State Art Academy 35 TASHKENT Uzbek Artist to Face "Insult and Slander" Charge 36 LOS ANGELES Top Commercial Gallerist to Head LA Museum 36 SYDNEY Remembering Nick Waterlow 37 BEIJING Mass Eviction of Beijing Artists 38 VARIOUS LOCATIONS Round Up: Watching the Skies 41 Opinion: Stamping Approval 43 Auction Report 44 Art Fair Report 47 Whispering Gallery ESSAYS 49 Current Affairs: Xu Zhen 61 Perspective: China-Taiwan Relations 62 Case Study: Justine Cooper 63 Archives: Henri Gaudier-Brzeska PROFILES 58 In Depth: Bani Abidi 60 On Location: "The New Silk Roads" 62 Interview: Vasif Kortun 44 On Location: Ulaanbaatar FEATURES 78 Zhang Wan: The Mirrored Facades of Utopia 86 John Pule: Odes of a Restless Spirit 92 Photography in South Asia: The Rest of the Picture 98 Subodh Gupta: Finding New Reasons to Believe 104 Agus Suwage: All Things Must Pass REVIEWS 118 LYON "Tenth Biennale of Lyon" 120 TOKYO Tomoko Yoneda 121 SHANGHAI Tang Song 122 BANGKOK Wit Pimkanchanapong 123 MUMBAI Monali Meher 124 DUBAI Fereydoun Ave 125 JERUSALEM "The Jerusalem Show" 126 LONDON "ethKnowcentrix: Museums Inside the Artist" 127 NEW YORK Siah Armajani 128 MEXICO CITY "Unconquered: Critical Visions from South Korea" 130 Book Review: New Titles on Photography 141 Where I Work: Zhang Xiaogang 143 The Last Word: Feeding the Copycats 144 Ideas on a Napkin: Pak Sheung Chuen
ISSN 074470567363
Quantity 1
Format Magazine
Months March 2010, April 2010
Language English
Publication ArtAsiaPacific Publishing LLC.

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