Art in America (06/02) February 2006

Art in America (06/02) February 2006
Publication Date Feb 2006
Description Performa 05 – Marina Abramovic recently reenacted classic pieces of performance art Hiroshi Sugimoto – in his 30-year career, he has used a large-format camera to address time, space, perception, culture and reality itself. Two traveling exhibitions present the breadth of his interests Spirit Photography – several recent exhibitions explored the intertwining of photography and the occult Lyon Biennial – taking as its theme the role of duration in art, this latest edition of the Lyon Biennial was a multi-venue mega-show that also provided a fresh look at avant-garde concerns of the 1960’s and ‘70’s Jesper Just – this young Danish artist is fascinated by emotionally risky relationships Edward Burtynsky – his camera records the strange beauty sometimes produced by industrial pollution Front Page – the latest news and notes from the art world.  
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Month February 2001
Issue Art in America - February 2006
Publication Art in America

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