Art in America (06/06) June/July 2006

Art in America (06/06) June/July 2006
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Publication Date Jun 2006
Description Dada - despite the brevity of Dada's existence, its influence has never ceased John Heartfield - a show at the Getty recovers the political context of his embattled art Duchamp Does Dada - recalling the circumstances of a landmark 1953 group exhibition Ben Vautier - ideas flow nonstop in the Fluxus-inspired work of this French artist Eva Hesse & Tom Doyle in Germany, 1964-65 - the lasting artistic consequences of the couple's 15-month sojourn Thomas Hirschhorn - mixing the carnage of war with the wages of consumerism
Quantity 1
Month July 2006
Issue Art in America - June/July 2006
Publication Art in America

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