Art in America (07/09) September 2007

Art in America (07/09) September 2007
Publication Date Sep 2007
Description Documenta 12 – this edition of Kassel’s mega-exhibition highlights the role of foreignness in contemporary art. Ai Weiwei’s Humane Conceptualism – the transformation of the ordinary drives this pioneering Chinese avant-gardist. Stingel’s Eclectic Playlist – hard-to-pin-down artist Rudolf Stingel gets a midcareer survey of installations, paintings and sculptures. Peter Young: Easy Rider of Abstraction – the reemergence of a painter whose work is imbued with the spirit of the 1960’s and ‘70s. The Venice Biennale, all Americana – for the first time in its long history, the main exhibition is in the hands of an American curator. A Day in the Life – Sadie Benning’s animated films offer a diaristic commentary on the ambiguities of gender. Jane Wilson’s Book of Days – a veteran painterly realist finds inspiration in the skies over Long Island.
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Related Artists Ai Weiwei, Rudolf Stingel, Robert Moses
Month September 2007
Publication Art in America

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