Art in America (13/10) October 2013

Art in America (13/10) October 2013
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Publication Date Oct 2013
Description Attending Intently to You by Kirsty Bell The British artist Phil Collins seeks to dispel the corrosive effects of media on society and private lives. Wholesale Memories by William S. Smith When Gretchen Bender (1951-2004) premiered her multichannel video work Total Recall (1987), she beat Paul Verhoeven to the punch by three years. Ab-Ex Dada by Sue Taylor At New York's Stable Gallery in 1953, Marcel Duchamp examined a wooden container studded with iron spikes and containing four loose stones. Italians Come to America by Rachel Cohen In its early years Art in America cultivated a taste for Italian art—and fostered a new market for old masters—through scholarly articles by connoisseurs like Bernard Berenson. The Unquiet Ghost by Colin Westerbeck The late Garry Winogrand, chronically unable to edit his own photographs, left his career—and 6,500 rolls of unexamined film—in the hands of curators who have shaped his legend and now print his negatives. In the Studio: Erica Baum by Steel Sillman Known for photographing found words and phrases, the artist discusses her two decades of amalgamating language with images, and anthropology with art.
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Month October 2013
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