Art in America (14/09) September 2014

Art in America (14/09) September 2014
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Publication Date Sep 2014
  1. Editor's Letter
  2. The Brief

    SculptureCenter expansion; Walker Art Center 75th-anniversary exhibition; "Experiments with Truth: Gandhi and Images of Nonviolence" at the Menil Collection; New Orleans biennial; Frieze London art fair.

  3. Sightlines

    Sree Srinivasan, chief digital officer of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, tells Chris Chang what's on his mind.

  4. First Look

    Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme

    Working as an itinerant research team, these Ramallah-born artists present an immersive, ongoing archival project on banditry.

  5. Muse

    Nicolás Guillén Landrián

    The Peru-born, U.S.-based artist pays tribute to a post-revolutionary experimental Cuban filmmaker, whose gritty, staccato-paced work was in turn influenced by his uncle's freely associative poetry.

  6. Pantheon of the Anteater, Part II

    In the second installment of a two-part article, the author continues his account of taking a free art criticism course in fall 2013 taught by David Salle at Bruce High Quality Foundation University in New York. The first installment appeared in A.i.A.'s September issue.

  7. Backstory

    The Andy and Edie Show

    The East Village veteran recalls performing irreverent impersonations of Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick with Joey Arias—sometimes in the presence of Warhol himself.

  8. Atlas Chicago

    The People's Palace

    The Chicago Cultural Center is a bastion of exhibition opportunities for area artists—and a potential model for institutions elsewhere.

    Literal Illusions

    David Haxton's minimalistic films of the mid-1970s both embraced and dissolved spatial illusionism, thereby questioning the very notion of visual truth.

  9. Painting the Unseen

    "Unlike the critics, none of the artists I know has ever accused me of being a painter. The question isn't whether painting is alive or dead, either—that's a completely demented debate. Like every medium in art, painting has a specific significance, that's all there is to it."

    Artist's Project I

    Pictures & Promises

    In a project created for our pages, an experimental L.A. designer advocates—and illustrates—a maverick, self-explanatory mode of address.

  1. Design in Flux

    Change your life and get a job—this was the startling advice that Fluxus founder George Maciunas gave his fellow artists in 1964. But what did he really mean?    

  2. Publish to Flourish

    Six participants—from the realms of teaching, publishing, art-making and literature—discuss the nature of art book creation and distribution in the digital age.

    Artist's Project II

    Parallel Worlds

    A class exercise at Yale University prompts reflections on the multiple unrealized options behind every selected design, in this project created for A.i.A.

  3. The Museum Interface

    Two experts assess the impact of digital media and new design on today's cultural institutions.    



    Printmaker Jay Fishel and graphic designer Rachel Berks present six examples from an ongoing letterpress project involving 18 other L.A. artists and designers.

    Wise Lights

    New York dealer and Electronic Arts Intermix founder Howard Wise presciently championed light art, video and new media in the 1960s.

  4. In the Studio: Richard Tuttle

    Richard Tuttle began showing his work in the mid-'60s, at the age of 24, and quickly became a significant contributor in an art scene that included artists as diverse as Robert Smithson and Agnes Martin. While some of Tuttle's early, spare work builds upon the precedent of Minimalism, his art for the last 50 years has maintained its own curious independence: defiant of trends in contemporary culture, poetic in times dominated by austere conceptual art.


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