Art in America (14/10) October 2014

Art in America (14/10) October 2014
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Publication Date Oct 2014
  1. Editor's Letter
  2. The Brief

    Larry Sultan's retrospective at LACMA; Harvard Art Museums reopen; Contemporary Latin American design in New York; Paris Photo at the Grand Palais; Scott Reeder's sci-fi film premieres.

  3. Sightlines

    Anthony Huberman, director of CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts in San Francisco, tells Chris Chang what's on his mind.

  4. First Look

    David Scanavino

  5. Muse


    From classical allegories to Conceptual art, the theme of memory inspires British artist and filmmaker John Akomfrah.

  6. Graphic Design

    A commercial art director discusses his knotty relationship to the art world with one of his clients.

  7. Atlas Bangkok

    An exhibition at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre spurs thoughts on national identity at a moment when the global profile of Thai art is growing.

  8. Cold War, Cool Art

    Richard Kalina reviews A Conspiracy of Images: Andy Warhol, Gerhard Richter and the Art of the Cold War, by John J. Curley.

  9. The Perils of Post-Internet Art

    Though its buzzworthy name implies a cutting-edge aesthetic, Post-Internet art reinforces an all-too-familiar gallery system, according to a critic of online culture.

  1. Richard Bellamy

    The legendary New York dealer who helped foster Pop and Minimal art reflects on his heyday in this recently rediscovered 1991 interview with two art world impresarios.

  2. The Hole Truth

    During the 1970s, Howardena Pindell developed a unique method for creating a textured, memory-laden painting surface by adopting the simple hole punch as an artistic tool, creating distinctive abstractions inspired in part by African textiles.    

  3. Re-Creating Sturtevant

    Sturtevant made her name with work that closely resembled—some might say copied—the art of her peers. The author considers the artist's late-career pivot to creating frenetic video installations that were all her own.

  4. Portfolio

    This collaborative project takes the form of an annual report for a faux Silicon Valley firm founded by a guru/entrepreneur known as the Global Village Idiot.

  5. The Fabric of Memory

    Thailand's Jakkai Siributr endows his stitched, embroidered and sequined works with a deeply serious sociopolitical import.

  6. In the Studio: Tommy Hartung

    Religion, violence and social upheaval are among the major topics addressed in filmmaker Tommy Hartung's latest production, THE BIBLE (2014). The artist discusses his unconventional upbringing and the wide-ranging sources for his collagelike film

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Issue Art in America (14/10) October 2014
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