Art: Key Contemporary Thinkers

Art: Key Contemporary Thinkers
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Publication Date 2007
Description The last few decades have witnessed an explosion in ideas and theories on art. Art itself has never been so topical, but much recent thinking remains inaccessible and difficult to use. This book assesses the work of those thinkers (including artists) who have had a major impact on making, criticizing and interpreting art since the 1960s. With entries by leading international experts, this book presents a concise, critical appraisal of thinkers and their ideas about art and its place in the wider cultural context. A guide to the key thinkers who shape today's world of art, this book is a vital reference for anyone interested in modern and contemporary art, its history, philosophy and practice. Theodor ADORNO * Roland BARTHES * Georges BATAILLE * Jean BAUDRILLARD * Walter BENJAMIN * JM BERNSTEIN * Pierre BOURDIEU * Nicolas BOURRIAUD * Benjamin BUCHLOH * Daniel BUREN * Judith BUTLER * Noël CARROLL * Stanley CAVELL * TJ CLARK * Arthur C. DANTO * Gilles DELEUZE * Jacques DERRIDA * George DICKIE * Thierry DE DUVE * James ELKINS * Hal FOSTER * Michel FOUCAULT * Michael FRIED * Dan GRAHAM * Clement GREENBERG * Fredric JAMESON * Mike KELLEY * Mary KELLY * Melanie KLEIN * Joseph KOSUTH * Rosalind KRAUSS * Julia KRISTEVA * Barbara KRUGER * Niklas LUHMANN * Jean-François LYOTARD * Maurice MERLEAU-PONTY * WJT MITCHELL * Robert MORRIS * Linda NOCHLIN * Adrian PIPER * Griselda POLLOCK * Robert SMITHSON * Jeff WALL * Albrecht WELLMER * Richard WOLLHEIM Table Of Contents SECTION 1: ART THEORY AND PRACTICE Editors Introduction 1. Daniel Buren Dr. Melanie Marino, Art History, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee 2. Dan Graham: Dr. Eric de Bruyn, Art History, University of Groningen, NL 3. Mike Kelley: Prof. John Welchman, Art History, UC San Diego 4. Mary Kelly: Prof Margaret Iversen, Art History, University of Essex 5. Joseph Kosuth: Prof. Michael Corris, Art & Photography, University of Wales Newport 6. Barbara Kruger: Dr. Esther Leslie, English and Humanities, London Birkbeck 7. Robert Morris: Dr. Jonathan Vickery (editor), Cultural Policy, University of Warwick 8. Adrian Piper: Robert del Principe, ex-Director Adrian Piper Research Archive, NYC 9. Robert Smithson: Dr Dominic Rahtz, Fine Art, Oxford Brookes University 10. Jeff Wall: Dr Stewart Martin, Modern European Philosophy, Middlesex University SECTION 2: ART THEORY AND HISTORY Editors Introduction 11. Nicholas Bourriaud: Dr. Claire Bishop, Curating, Royal College of Art 12. Benjamin Buchloh: Dr. Christine Mehring, Art History, Yale 13. TJ Clark: Dr. Dominic Willsdon, Curator of Education/Public Programmes, San Francisco MOMA 14. Thierry de Duve: Prof. Gregg Horowitz, Philosophy, Vanderbilt University 15. James Elkins: Dr. Robert Williams, Art History, University of California, Santa Barbara 16. Hal Foster: Dr Gordon Hughes, History of Art, University of Maine, Bangor 17. Michael Fried: Prof. Stephen Melville, History of Art, Ohio State University 18. Clement Greenberg: Dr. Diarmuid Costello (editor) Arts & Humanities, Oxford Brookes University 19. Rosalind Krauss: Dr. Martha Buskirk, Art History, Montserrat College of Art 20. WTJ Mitchell: Dr. Riccardo Marchi, Art and Art History, University of South Florida 21. Linda Nochlin: Dr. Francesca Berry, Art History, University of Birmingham 22. Griselda Pollock: Dr. Kirstie Skinner Visual/Cultural Theory, Edinburgh College of Art SECTION 3: PHILOSOPHY OF ART AND AESTHETICS Editors Introduction 23. Theodor Adorno: Dr. Michael Kelly, Philosophy, University of N. Carolina, Charlotte 24. Jay Bernstein: Dr. Espen Hammer, Philosophy, University of Essex 25. Stanley Cavell: Dr. Stephen Mulhall, Philosophy, New College Oxford 26. Noël Carroll: Dr Katerina Reed-Tsocha, Art History, Trinity College Oxford 27. Arthur C. Danto: Prof. David Carrier, Art History, Case Western Reserve University 28. Gilles Deleuze: Dr. Darren Ambrose, Philosophy, University of Warwick 29. Jacques Derrida: Dr Jonathan Dronsfield, Fine Art, University of Reading 30. George Dickie: Dr. Cain Todd, Philosophy, University of Lancaster 31. Jean-François Lyotard: Dr. James Williams, Philosophy, University of Dundee 32. Maurice Merleau-Ponty: Prof. Alex Potts, Art History, University of Michigan 33. Albrecht Wellmer: Dr. Ruth Sonderegger , Philosophy, University of Amsterdam 34. Richard Wollheim: Dr. Derek Matravers, Philosophy, Open University SECTION 4: THEORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF CULTURE Editors Introduction 35. Roland Barthes: Dr. Nancy Shawcross, English, University of Pennsylvania 36. Georges Bataille: Professor Michael Richardson, Anthropology and Cultural Studies, Waeda University, Tokyo 37. Jean Baudrillard: Prof. Mike Gane, Sociology, Loughborough University 38. Walter Benjamin: Dr. Helmut Schmitz, German, University of Warwick 39. Pierre Bourdieu: Dr. Gordon Fyfe, Sociology, University of Keele 40. Judith Butler: Dr. Rebecca Zorack, Art History, University of Chicago 41. Michel Foucault: Dr. Scott Durham, French & Italian, Northwestern University 42. Fredric Jameson: Dr. David Ayers, English, University of Kent 43. Melanie Klein: Dr. Mignon Nixon, Art History, Courtauld Institute of Art, London 44. Julia Kristeva: Dr. Sara Beardsworth, Philosophy, Southern Illinois, Carbondale 45. Niklaus Luhmann: Dr. Francis Halsall, Art History, University College, Cork Glossary of Key Terms and Concepts
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Editors Jonathan Vickery, Diarmuid Costello
Format Paperback
Publisher Berg Publishers Ltd
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